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 The University of Houston-Clear Lake was my full-time professional home from 2001-2010, both demanding and supporting much of the research I produced in that period. Now, I continue to teach UHCL students online, and consult for a user experience research and design company, Human Factors International [What do I teach? Everything from Contemporary Cultural Anthropology; Gender, Culture, Power, Women of Color, Political Economy, Cultures of Asia, Food and Culture to User Experience Foundations and User Centered Analysis…]

My research falls roughly into three categories:

On ethnicity, social movements, and public hinduness:

The book that was finally born | “The Ethnicity of Caste” [Anthropological Quarterly, 2005 and reprinted in Greenough and Natrajan, ed. Against Stigma, 2009] | Public Representation of a Religion Called Hinduism [which, after two years of conferences and collaborations, has produced an edited volume entitled Public Hinduisms, ed. John Zavos, Pralay Kanungo, Deepa S. Reddy, Maya Warrier, and Raymond B. Williams, forthcoming with Sage Publishers]  | “Temple Publics” [co-authored with John Zavos; introduction to a special issue of the International Journal of Hindu Studies]  | and three essays on “Hindutva”: “Formative Assertions,” “Capturing Hindutva,” and “Hinduva as Praxis” [published in Religion Compass, 2011]

On genetic research, blood, and biopolitics:

The ELSI-HapMap Project | “Good Gifts for the Common good” [PDF][PubMed] | “Caught in Collaboration” [PDF][PubMed] | “The didactic death” [co-authored with Jacob Copeman, on dying and organ donation]

And other themes: 

Work without labor” [on consumption and work futures] | Mobile Lives [on the cultural life of mobile phones in India] | “An Indian Summer” [co-authored with Aalok Khandekar, on consumption, politics, and the 2011 Lokpal protests]

I’ve also blogged on Savage Minds from time to time

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  1. Suma Bhat permalink
    September 8, 2014

    Hi Deepa,

    I work for a start-up called Affimity and we are in the process of creating the ‘the next big social media platform’. In the end, we want to create a space that’s a combination of FlipBoard, Quora and Facebook. I am trying to identify people such as yourself who have been writing for a bit, has the passion for it and wants to do something more. When convenient, could you give me a call at 95916 02008 so we can talk further? Or if you could send in your contact number, I can call you.


    P.S — I couldn’t send an email via my official ID as the email ID provided here was deemed invalid..

  2. Niranjana permalink
    June 28, 2015

    Hi Deepa,

    This is Niranjana from Indulge new indian express.wanted to connect with you regarding a story. can you please mail me your contact details at


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