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Street Food Chronicles: Thai Roti Banana at Phuket’s Weekend Night Market

2016 November 26

From the grandeur and vast imaginings of Angkor Wat, we found rotis in Phuket’s night market: little signs of cultural dimension and historical movement in a town that otherwise has very little of its own. “Rotis” are what we, in India, would call the maida paratha or the white flour paratha: a typically Kerala Muslim preparation with variants in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

paticheri_streetfood_rotibanana (1)

paticheri_streetfood_rotibanana (15)

Except in these parts the roti is served sweetened with condensed milk, or with a banana rolled in, drizzled with chocolate.

If you’ve ever tried your hand at making any sort of bread with white flour, you know already how stretchy white flour doughs can be. The Thai roti is no different–pulled and tossed into thin-ness before being laid on the frying pan.

paticheri_streetfood_rotibanana (4)

I really don’t seek confirmation, but I think that’s margarine being liberally applied. (There’s grease in and on this roti variant, no escaping that).

paticheri_streetfood_rotibanana (5)

Sometimes there’s a sprinkling of cocoa powder:

paticheri_streetfood_rotibanana (6)

And rolled with condensed milk drizzled in:

paticheri_streetfood_rotibanana (2)

paticheri_streetfood_rotibanana (3)

Sometimes it’s just a banana, cut down the middle length-wise and laid to be rolled:

paticheri_streetfood_rotibanana (7)

paticheri_streetfood_rotibanana (9)

It’s a steady assembly-line:

paticheri_streetfood_rotibanana (10)

And the roti-banana gets cut into portable bite-sized bits:

paticheri_streetfood_rotibanana (11)

paticheri_streetfood_rotibanana (12)

And scooped, half a banana at a time, to serve:

paticheri_streetfood_rotibanana (13)

paticheri_streetfood_rotibanana (14)

Find this irresistible? Want to make it at home? For the next kiddie birthday party perhaps? Yes you can! Find the recipe here.

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